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We are launching our new program: CYCLEpower. Each month we will be adding a new training specific class to our program offering our instructors focused training on each skill, technique or focus.

CYCLEpower classes incorporate a wide range of cycling techniques, training intensities, and varied landscapes.  Our terrain-based classes simulate riding outdoors, and allow you to develop discipline and mental focus while getting an intense cardio workout.  By varying the resistance and pedaling cadence, you control the workout intensity to suit your fitness level and training goals.  This allows all levels to ride together, and safely experience the power of the pack.

Quatro challenge:cycle-run-core-yoga:

Build your cadence with Cycle; develop your endurance with Run; challenge your body with Core; and flow effortlessly with Yoga (CRCY)

Every fourth Saturday of the month, we challenge you to make it through our very own OMpower stage event. Starting at 8am with cycle, followed by 9am run, 10am core, and ending with 10:30am yoga. Of course you are welcome to join us every Saturday or use the other Saturdays to fine tune the transition between one or more of the events building up to the grand event at the end of the month. Your body, your choice!. Those who participate in the Quattro challenge will be given a free pass to the hOMerun workshop/training the following month, entered into the raffle for OM gear and classes, and given 5 OMbucks ($10 value) towards the purchase of your next class package. Who’s in?