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OMpower yoga fuses breath, sweat, and spirit to create an empowering practice cultivating physical strength, peace of mind, and an opportunity to “lighten up.”

The OMpower yoga program features a variety of Vinyasa-style classes, a fluid practice in which postures flow in a creative, rhythmic sequence, linking breath with movements. You can expect dynamic sequencing, good tunes, and diverse class offerings. Our experienced team of teachers comes from a variety of backgrounds, combining athleticism, philosophy mindfulness with compassion and humor to offer a well-rounded, holistic experience on the mat.  We offer yoga for everybody and every body: all levels welcome! Whether your Downward Dog is brand new or has been around the block a few times, we’ve got a class and teacher to inspire you.

Classes include:

OMyoga Flow: A basic vines class suitable for all levels.

OMyoga Power: Typically a faster-paced class, suitable for students with at least a year of experience. Level 2/3 practitioners welcome.

Please note: Beginners are welcome, just remember to practice ahimsa (self-care) and don’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

OMyoga For Athletes: Yoga for Athletes is designed for athletes and people with very active lifestyles. As you train harder and more often, imbalances, injury and tightness in the body can limit your athletic performance. Yoga for Athletes has been created as complementary training to bring balance, help prevent injuries and stretch the muscles that tend to be over-worked and over used during these physical activities.  The classes are fun and          challenging and teach students to balance effort with ease.

Iron OMflow: Combine the strength of weight training with the focus and flexibility of yoga, for a unique full-body toning and sculpting routine.

OMyoga Restorative: A slow, gentle practice that promotes well being, bringing a healing balance to the body, mind and spirit. Ideal for beginners, seniors, individuals recovering from injury or intense athletic training, as well as more experienced yogis seeking a more gentle practice to compliment their vigorous training routines.